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League of Legends Holiday Shoot!

We are days away from the holidays and with that comes holiday themed shoots! Keep reading to know more about this shoot and what happened!Keep reading to know more about this shoot and what happened!

To start off let me give a big thank you to Katrina Fox who initially thought up of the idea and created the event. Hopefully this becomes a yearly event! As I mentioned in my previous post, last Sunday I got the chance to shoot with a great group of League of Legends cosplayers. In a way this was a small reunion for me since I met a lot of these cosplayers at SummonersCon this Fall. On the day of this shoot I was also joined by Eric and Kevin from Killers and Company. They were on site recording footage to put together a League of Legends Holiday video, which you can watch by clicking here!.

As for our location, we had a few places to choose from. As a group everyone agreed that a park location would be the best and so we set up camp at Kenneth Hahn State Recreation Area in LA. Being able to find natural locations that do not have a city in the background can be a little bit hard to find, however if you are looking for a forest-y, location then definitely go to this park. Alternatively you can also travel northeast and head towns the San Gabriel mountains for a better location, but that just takes way too long. As for the event itself, all of pitched in and brought props such as gifts, poros, Christmas ordainments, etc. The park provided a great place to shoot and an artificial stream that ran along our base camp. Hibiscus Queen and I agreed that we will be back here soon to do another League shoot for her Nami.

Enough blogging, time for the pictures! Let me know you what you though of my photos and as always, if you want to support my work then please share this post on Facebook or Tweet about it!

Cosplayers who participated:


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