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New Year, New Cosplays!

Hey everyone, Long time no post! We’ll it’s 2016 and last weekend I put together an event where we went out to the snowy mountains for a shoot. Click the link to continue reading!

I’ve probably said this before but I’ll say it again. I love being in the snow. Last week I put together an event for cosplayers to go out and shoot in the snow. Initially our plan was to head into Forest Falls and shoot on the camp grounds. Unfortunately earlier that week El Nino rolled into town and caused a bit of damage in that area. We were not able to go all the way to Forest Falls but we were able to get close enough to where there was a good amount of snow on the ground.

Before we even got to our location we all pulled off to side of the road and enjoyed a short snowball fight. Mainly the photographers did, the cosplayers took the time to get dressed and get ready for the shoot. Enough about our trip time for the photos! Before you go any further make sure to follow everyone involved!

Cosplayers in order of appearance:
Chief Geek Photography/Flinn, LostWeasleyChild/Rey, Catamancy/Fenris, Hapa.Go.Lucky/Arwen, ShortRoundCosplay/VarrictEthras, Sewcorellian/Rey, HibiscusQueen/Snow Bunny Nidalee


Jrulison and l3luedragun

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