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Cosplays from Anime Los Angeles

Last Saturday I attended Anime Los Angeles for the first time and I was overwhelmed by how many awesome cosplayers there were!

Unfortunately for me I was only able to attend Saturday’s event so I missed out on the epic Avatar: Legend of Korra group cosplay. I did however manage to get some photos from a Once Upon A Time group along with tons of more cosplayers. Despite it’s name, ALA was pretty far from the city of Los Angeles, in fact Ontario where it was held was a good 45 minutes east of Pasadena. Nevertheless if you have never been to a con before and want an easy introduction into the con life then definately check out next year’s event. In the meantime, make sure you are staying up-to-date with all the cosplayers and what they are working on. All the social media is linked down below at the every bottom.

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Akurate SlaggaBertini_NguyenDeathThornCosplayDohkyungsoo44, ExtremelunaticsHelloiamkateHendoartKarlibraKatopakuKatrinaFoxKrieg_The_fit_psykoKriss_P_CosplayMarooncosplayMeerkatpropsMinkaMiCosplayMintyFoxCosplayMizuki_CosplayNarrzisanchanParismatasomethingPijogenjoRaffi KurbessoianSarahlshapSephyobsessed, Sharkships_, SonicSpidermanTh3LazyN1njatrashkittencosplayTrilium_Sage,

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