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What’s in my photography bag?

For those of you who are interested in also pursuing cosplay photography, this blog post is going to show you what I carry to events and where you can buy the equipment I use.

When it comes to cosplay photography I want to be mobile and compact. There are some convention buildings (not the event) that will not allow you to stay in one spot and photograph attendees. So if you are being forced to move then you want to make sure your set up does not take 10 minutes to break down. Take for example my experience at “Phoenix Comicon: FanFest” held at the University of Phoenix Stadium. Security approached me right after a shoot to inform me that I could not continue taking photos that included the building. As bizarre and as inconvenient as this was, all I had to do was pick up my stool and soft-box and find a new spot to shoot.

So let’s break it down:


Two Cowboy Studio tripods w/ two adjustable backett for an external flash (the second one is on it’s way!)

Canon Lens:

EF 50mm f/1.8 

EF 24mm f/2.8  (personal favorite)

EF 85mm f/1.8

Canon Camera:

7D (my model is old but this link is to a newer version)

wall charger

2 batteries

2 16gb CF card

External Flashes:

Neewer Speedlite NW-670

Neewer TT-680

Assorted gels

Trigger + Receivers:

Neewer 16 channel remote


Westcott Rapid Box

Neewer collapsable softbox


Etekcity 24″

Plastic Stool

Anywhere really

Also worth mentioning are the batteries for the flashes, hand sanitizer (because no one likes post con-flu), battery pack to charge a phone, business cards, kneepads, Advil, sunscreen, and granola bars. If you plan to shoot at lower angles like I do, then I recommend buying a good pair of knee pads. When we had the cosplay/fashion shoot, we went to an unused railroad track which had lots of sharp rocks and broken glass. For situations like this, it would be very beneficial to have a pair of knee pads in your bag.

If you have never met me in person then you would not know that I am 5″6′. So that means cosplayers are slightly taller than me and the ones in heels or platform shoes, are way taller than me. Good thing I carry around the stool! Not only can you get more interesting angles with the extra foot off the ground, but you can also use it for levitation shots like the one down below.


When it comes to using the softbox, the whole assembling and collapsing process takes about 3 minutes and once it’s assembled I don’t break down until the end of the day. Since it is so light weight I can easily walk around with it and go from one location to the next. Keep in mind if you plan to shoot outside and if there is a lot of wind, then you will want to invest in two 5 pound ankle weights as well. Everything you see here fits inside (and on) my Acuvar backpack which for $30, is something I recommend purchasing. This bag comes with a rain cover which was super handy when I went out to the snowy mountains to shoot.


That’s all I got to say for now! If you have any questions about the equipment that I use then feel free to leave a comment down below. WonderCon is a few days away so keep an eye out for more cosplay photos coming soon!

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