In Non-Con Shoots

Cosplay Photoshoot: West Hills

Out of con photo shoots are my favorite because you can get an amazing background and not have to deal with attendees walking into your shot.

Last Sunday Nels Photos, Karlibra, LostWeasleyChild, and HendoArt got together in the West Hills area for an afternoon of fun. Originally our plan was to drive up to Santa Clarita to shoot a broken highway. For the last few months the area was abandoned after an earthquake and was turn into a skatepark. Unfortunately (if you can say that) we found articles saying the highway was repaired, . You can see from the photos the area has large rocks, and as you can imagine I worked my butt off climb up and down those rocks. I also spent the entire day paranoid after I read the large warning sign for rattlesnakes. Overall we had a successful shoot, the weather was perfect, we had an amazing background, and there was even a horse ranch right next to us!

I hope you enjoy these photos and make sure to check out the previous post since this will be a continuing series on my website. Click here to see Cosplay Selfies


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