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EPIC Cosplay Haul from Calgary Expo!

About a month ago, I had the chance to travel up to Calgary located in the province of Alberta to attend Calgary Entertainment Expo (CEE). My first international con was an AMAZING experience and I had the chance to  meet an amazing group of cosplayers while I was there.

My trip to Canada was nothing short of amazing, it started on Thursday (immediately after arriving) with a photoshoot up in the mountains. About 45 mins outside of Calgary there is an amazing mountain scenery that was perfect for our Red Riding Hood and Linkle cosplay shoot.

CEE (and Calgary in general) really love cosplay and to show it they hosted a parade in their downtown area. This massive amount of cosplayers can rivaled the numbers seen at San Diego Comic Con! Hands down the best experience of Calgary and Calgary Expo were with the people. Average folk who were not attending con were all genuinely interested in cosplay and were complimenting my friend’s work, and that for me says a lot.

Please enjoy this gallery and if you are the cosplayer then please contact me to get a high-res copy of your photos! (please disregard the low quality thumbnails)

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