In San Diego Comic Con

Cosplays from San Diego Comic Con (Days 1 & 2)

Hey folks! Jumping ahead for a moment to share with you photos from San Diego Comic Con. This year I want to say a big thank you to the folks at Anime Attic for helping me out during SDCC!

For those you who are anime fans, Anime Attic is a podcast hosted by Meltdown Comics where they discuss and review old school anime and manga series. Click here to check out the latest episode! Now let’s get to the cosplays! First I want to remind the cosplayers reading this that not all the photos go up on this page so if you want all your photos then you will need to contact me either by Instagram or email:

I’ll be working on getting days 3 and 4 brought out to you guys soon and then going back and editing photos from LA Cosplay Con, cosplay shoot at Riverside park, and then AnimeExpo. (hopefully I reach Anime Expo before Anime California) I hope you enjoy these photos, if you want to show your support then please share my photos to your friends!

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