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Cosplays from San Diego Comic Con (Days 3 & 4)

Finally! All of the cosplay photos from San Diego Comic Con days 3 and 4 are now up! This year’s SDCC was an amazing trip and I want to thank Anime Attic once again for helping me out. If you’re a fan of classic animes and manga series then you’ll want to check out their podcast. Click the read more to see what the cosplay gallery and to see what else I did at this year’s SDCC.

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Typically when I go to cons I avoid purchasing anything from the vendor halls or artists alley, any con attendee can tell you those purchases can add up real quick. However since it’s SDCC, I gave myself a budget, (that I quickly went over) and made a couple of purchases. Perhaps my most prized items were the two J. Scott Campbell variant covers of The Amazing Spider-Man #15 featuring Mary Jane Watson in the Iron Spider suit and the first issue of Civil War II.

Scott Campbell has illustrated so many amazing variant covers so if you are not familiar with his work then you are really missing out. Along with having the chance to buy these amazing covers, I also had the pleasure of meeting him and getting two additional covers signed by him (Spider-Gwen and Silk). Continue reading since you’re almost at the end! Leave a comment and tell what you think of his Scott’s style and if you have any favorite comic book artists!


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When it comes to buy items at cons usually what sells out the fastest are the “Con Exclusive” items. When I say these items go fast they go FAST. Often times there are people camping out a full day in advance just to be in line for the next day. I considered myself very lucky that my “The Art of Pokemon Adventures” book was not sold out by the end of the day. This book is a short illustration created by Hidenori Kusaka and Satoshi Yamamoto (the creator of Pokemon) and has 63 beautiful pages of Pokemon spanning from Generations 1-5 all drawn in an old-school style.

Aside from these purchases I also bought 6 different Marvel comics, most were variant covers of running series and old runs. I also had the chance to stop by the Yu-Gi-Oh booth to pick up a customize token card along with a battle box. Unfortunately there were some stops I made had already sold out of the items I wanted to buy, which was probably a good thing for my bank account. Con purchases aside, what really made this event a lot of fun were all of my friends and all of the new people I met this year. Looking at you Summoplex and TheHunterCosplay!

Thanks for reading out this far! Up next I will be working on photos from LA Cosplay Con followed by photos from a private shoot with my best friend Karlibra. Anime Expo photos will follow this event and then photos from a local shoot at Riverside park. Cosplayers! If you want to have the high-res copy of your photos then please contact me. I do not post every photo on my site and I’ve noticed often times the gallery can slightly change the saturation of the image.

Photos by: David Su

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