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Cosplayers in the Snow: Part 2

Winter is ending soon and so does our chance at snow shoots here in Southern California. Last Saturday I hosted another snow shoot at my (kinda) secret spot, with a small group of cosplayers and photographers. This time around, there was a lot more snow on the ground, which proved to be a challenge for some of us. For those of you who are Facebook friends with me you saw me tumble down a hill LIVE.  Despite all this we all had an excellent time and we look forward to coming back in December when the snow starts to fall on the ground again.

While it’s great to see winter themed characters like Mei from Overwatch, Elsa, and Jack Frost at conventions. Having the chance to place them in their correct environments can really help make for an awesome shot, without having to digitally replace the background. A big thank you to everyone who joined my event, don’t forget to check out photos from Anime Los Angeles and our first Cosplay Snow Shoot! Update: Click here to view photos from Katsucon 2017!

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