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Amazing Spider-Man Shoot!

If you are a comic book collector like I am then you might know how great it feels to hold a physical copy in your hands. You might also obsess with the artwork that is featured, especially when it comes to variant covers, or alternate covers. If you follow me enough you might know I am fan of J Scott Campbell’s work. So there’s no doubt that when he announced his latest cover for the The Amazing Spider-Man #25, I already knew I was going to recreate it.


For those of you not familiar with his work, he has designed covers for Danger Girl, X-Men, Back to the Future, along with various pin-up versions of Disney princesses and original characters. Some of his most recognizable work comes from The Amazing Spider-Man and today i’m excited to share my latest shoot featuring Blood.Empress as Black Cat, Marie Sturges as MJ, and Ashleigh Weasely Cosplay as (Spider) Gwen.

For reference here is his latest cover. I was not able to also purchase the 3rd red-toned cover but hopefully i’ll be able to grab one at the next convention I see him at! Tell me in the comments if you have a favorite variant from Scott Campbell or name me some of your favorites! As always, you can show your support of my work by sharing this page to your friends on Facebook! Click here to see more cosplay photos from WonderCon2017!


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