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Cosplay Recap of Katsucon 2017

One of the parts that I enjoy the most out of this full-time hobby is being able to travel outside of Southern California. Last year I had the pleasure of visiting the city of Calgary and Phoenix. Despite Phoenix’s 118 degree weather, the event itself was really enjoyable and the cosplays were amazing. So far this year I was fortunate enough to go out and visit National Harbor out in Maryland for Katsucon!

Despite having grown up in South Florida, this was my very first con on the East Coast. Needless to say I was very anxious to get out and start experiencing the con life out on this coast. For many of us here in SoCal our understanding is that East Coast cons are not too different from what we experience. Our biggest difference was that photographers out there charge for the shoots they do at conventions. Overall for the number of attendees, and rumors aside, Katsucon was a great event. A big thank you to all the East coast cosplayers who shot with me! You can click here to see photos from this year’s WonderCon!

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