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WonderCon2017 + Advice to start Cosplay Photography

WonderCon has come and gone again and as always, I have a ton of cosplay photos to share with you from this year’s event! Which of these cosplays were your favorite? In this article I am also sharing some advice on cosplay photography so keep reading!

Before you start going through this year’s photos, I want to point out that WonderCon is my cosplay photography anniversary. I started cosplay photography on a whim and as a way to possibly make new friends – I had moved to LA that previous summer and I had a total of 0 friends. So in this short post, I want to share with you my own advice on starting cosplay photography and how to make the most of your first year.


HendoArt as Spider-Gwen at WonderCon 2015. Photo by David of MoreCosplay

One of the biggest challenges I faced when starting this hobby was getting over the anxiety of going up to strangers and taking photos in public. During my first year I probably missed out on so many photo opportunities because I was too shy. Do not let this hold you back! If you are nervous to shoot photos in a public space then bring a friend along who will also shoot with you.

SoCal has a huge convention calendar so there was always an event that I can go to. Having the opportunity to always shoot allowed me practice and I was able to learn a lot! If you happen to be in an area where you only have 2 or 3 cons a year, then set up your own shoots with friends. My point here is, don’t stop shooting!


Ashlynndae as Ariel at WonderCon 2015. Photo by David of MoreCosplay

“Remember, the M” setting on your camera is for “Magic*

Every photoshoot should be a learning experience so remember to experiment with different angles, equipment, and poses. On the note of equipment, do not rush and invest hundreds of dollars on a new lens or body. Learn how to operate your camera and make sure you understand the basic principles of photography. If you do not own a DSLR then do research into recent models and find used bodies online. You’ll find that a lot of great work can be done on older model cameras.


Riansynnth as Zatana at WonderCon 2015. Photo by David of MoreCosplay

As I mentioned at the beginning, this hobby started because I wanted to make new friends. Remember to have fun with this, show the photos to the cosplayers, chat with them about their character, ask them how long their process took. What really helped me improve over the years was a having a support system of great friends who were always ready to shoot. Talk to other photographers and ask if you can watch them shoot or assist on sets. Hopefully this short list of tips will help you get started on your own cosplay photography journey.

If you are in the LA area and want to shoot with me, either as a cosplayer or photographer, then send me a message on Instagram at @Davidthestrange. Now enjoy the photos from WonderCon 2017!

Update: Click here to see new cosplay photos from the Vasquez Rock shoot!







*The “M” dial does not stand for Magic!


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