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Vasquez Rock Shoot

With summer approaching in the next few months, April is the perfect time to be out in the desert and that’s we did a few weekends ago. I hosted another cosplay shoot, this time at Vasquez Rock with a handful of cosplayers and photographers.

Since TitanCon is quickly approaching, this was a great warm up to the event and also a great way to practice, while shooting under some intense lighting. If you ever plan to have your own desert shoot, remember to first research your location and plan out areas to set up a base camp (if you’re with a big group) and to shoot. A quick search on either Google 18191354_10212564773857136_716756626_n Images or Flickr should show you a layout of the park and what spots might great for your model(s). As with any national park, it is good to know the rules as they might require you to have a shooting permit. In the case of Vasquez Rocks, this whole shoot was for non-commercial purposes and so they do not have restrictions against that. Don’t forget to have fun on your location shoots! If you will be attending TitanCon this weekend then feel free to send me a message on Instagram the day of the event to meet up and get your photo taken! Big thank you to everyone who showed up for this event, already making plans for another shoot so stay tuned for More Cosplay!


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