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We’re kicking off a new segment here at More Cosplay! Every month we’ll be sharing with you a list of 5 amazing cosplays pulled from all parts of the internet. These posts will be featuring either the craftsmanship of the cosplay, the photo quality, or the community’s overall reaction.  I’ll be doing my best to properly credit the cosplayers as well as the photographers but if credit needs to be corrected then please let me know! To start off let’s take a look back at some of the cosplays that appear in the month of April!



Cosplay: Rey

Rogue One has passed and now we are all waiting for the new Star Wars VIII film to come out, with that

Photo taken by: @antlerproductions Edited by: @realitysubstitutions

there’s no doubt that there will be tons of new Rey cosplays. While we wait for her new design to be announced, check out this photo of Sarah also known as Owl Feather Cosplay. Apart from being an excellent Rey cosplayer, Sarah is also a member of both the Rebel Legion and the 501st. If your cosplay skills are still at a Padawan level, fear not! You can commission Sarah for your next Star Wars cosplay, check her page to see more information on pricing.

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Cosplay: Mega-Man

From first hand experience I can tell you that one of the best places to find amazing cosplays is at Calgary Comic Expo, hosted in the city of Calgary, Canada. I was really sad that I could not go back to this year’s event but I do have plans to return hopefully next year. That being said, this year’s event still showcased some of the best cosplays from the region. One of those cosplayers, Clay Stooshnoff has been featured in various websites for the super low-cost of his most recent cosplay. One look at this Mega-Man cosplay and you’ll be shocked to know that it only cost him $50 to construct.

Follow more of Clay’s work on Instagram as Stoosherman and Like his Facebook page here.


Cosplay: Blackhardt

This next cosplay is a pretty big one, and I mean it’s HUGE. The kick ass ladies at Egg Sisters Cosplay constructed a full size

Photographer: @Mineralblu

Blackhardt cosplay from Overwatch. No matter which angle or part of the photo you are looking at, this is a breath taking cosplay. Overwatch, League of Legends, and WoW cosplayers will always be my favorite subjects to photograph, hopefully I’ll have the privilege to work with these talented folk at a future con!

The Egg Sisters debuted this cosplay at this year’s C2E2, make sure to follow their work on Instagram and follow their fan page!


Cosplay: Sylvanas Windrunner

Jumping over to another Blizzard masterpiece is MightyRaccoon and her Sylvanas Windrunner cosplay. Pretty often a lot of the

Photographer: Kirchos

cosplays that I personally shoot or share are from North America. Alice on the other hand is a cosplayer and model all the way from Moscow, Russia and we all know how talented Eastern European cosplayers are. Alice’s page mixes it up with traditional model shoots as well shoots from the Industrial lifestyle. Make sure to send her page some love!

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Cosplay: Mei

The final cosplayer to show you goes by the name of Bunkie and has recently showcased her Mei cosplay. Apart from the leggings,

Photographer: smzeldarules

this whole cosplay was handmade. Sadly Mei’s props are not yet completed but that aside, the craftsmanship looks amazing and you have to go see more of her work. Having a functional belt and water bottle must come in handy when you cosplay a winter outfit during the spring!

(Guess you can say it’s uh-MEI-zing…I’ll leave now)

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What did you think of these cosplayers? Was there a cosplay that you want us to know about? Tweet me at @DavidTheStrange or leave a comment down below!

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