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“Hail Hydra” Sends You To The Official White House Page For Donald Trump

Marvel fans will immediately recognize this phrase belonging to the terrorist organization known as HYDRA. Today however, users have discovered that typing in redirects them to the front page of the US White House with the summary of Donald J Trump. Originally reported by Hollywood Insider, the domain name was registered back in 2014 and has been updated recently.

So what’s the big deal? Throughout the years HYDRA has been known to work in the shadows. Infiltrating various parts of the government and setting up businesses to fund their Hailhydraplans for world domination. After HYDRA’s defeat in WWII, the evil organization broke up into separate entities that would work independently one of those groups would be Secret Empire. In the original Secret Empire series the leader was said to be a US government official with the highest position of power, although never directly mentioned it was suggested that Number One (the leader) was the President of the United States. In case you were wondering, this is redirect is not all an official promotion for the new Secret Empire series.

Given the current situations real Americans are facing with the new administration, you can’t help but notice the parallels between the comics and real life. As Oscar Wilde once said, “Life imitates Art far more than Art imitates Life“. Hopefully this is not the actual case.


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