From my perspective cosplay events are a celebration of creativity and friendships. My mission is to share all of the great cosplays that I see and introduce you to some incredibly talented and hard-working people.

I never really intended to make cosplay photography a full time hobby. A last minute decision to WonderCon 2015 introduced me to a great group of people and to a supportive creative community. I always try my best to provide everyone with credit so if you see a cosplayer has not been credited or if it’s incorrect then don’t be shy and let me know! Also, feel free to join in the conversations and leave a comment. If you really enjoy my work then I encourage you to share my site with your friends.

This blog will mainly be about cosplay but you can expect a few other nerdy topics from time to time. If you see me attending your next con and want to shoot then send me a message on Instagram or email me at

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