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    Epic cosplays from Anime Los Angeles!

    Anime Los Angeles is SoCal’s first big cosplay event of the year and I got some amazing cosplay photos to share with you! Our cosplay community continues to thrive with more cosplayers and photographers showing up at events like this. As excited as I am to see more and more people cosplay, it unfortunately brings in some unwanted attention.

    Before you start to go through this year’s photos, I want to talk about how important consent is when you attend events like this. Now, you might think this is a really random moment to talk about cosplay consent. However, at this year’s ALA there was an unfortunate incident that involved a creep who took inappropriate photos of an underage cosplayer and photos of various cosplayers without their permission.  Thankfully he was called out on it and held until the police came to handle the situation.

    If you see a cosplayer is shooting with someone then wait until they are done before you ask for their photos. NEVER touch a person, their cosplay, or prop unless you have their permission. Asking for permission once does not grant you the right to take photos of them all day much less without their knowledge. I will probably write more into this at a later time but for now, remember that cosplay does not equal consent.

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